WFU Archaeological Research Collections Repository

Completed in 2012, the Wake Forest University Archaeological Research Collections Repository is part of a new, multi-purpose, university curation and storage building. This climate-controlled facility was designed with independent and closed storage environments, allowing outstanding temperature and humidity constancy without dust or other potential cross-contamination issues. The facility has modern security, pest control, fire detection, and fire suppression systems.

The WFU Archaeological Repository and Laboratories Curation of Archaeological Collections Policy attempts to meet the professional standards of practice set forth in three documents: 1) federal regulations issued as 36 CFR Part 79: Curation of Federally-Owned and Administered Archaeological Collections, as promulgated by the National Park Service, 2) the North Carolina Office of State Archaeology Archaeological Curation Standards and Guidelines, and 3) the Society for Historical Archaeology Standards and Guidelines for the Curation of Archaeological Collections. A revised box inventory and tracking system is being implemented to facilitate appropriate public research access to the important archaeological collections. At present, more than 3.4 million artifacts in over 2,600 collection storage boxes are housed in the Wake Forest University Archaeological Research Collections Repository.


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