Sedimentology, Mineralogy, and Soil Analysis

  • Sediment water flotation tank system with high-efficiency air injection pump
  • Sediment Seive Shaker with complete ΒΌ phi particle size sieve sets
  • Laboratory Drying Oven with Sediment Pans
  • Thermolyne Digital Furnace with various crucible forms
  • Sediment Stirring Apparatus
  • Bouyoucos Hydrometers and Sedimentation Cylinder setups
  • Plunger Magnetic Separators
  • Riffle Sample Splitters
  • Soil Mortars and Crucibles
  • Calcium Carbonate Content Chamber ASTM D4373
  • High-Resolution Benchtop Soil pH meter with advanced soil electrodes
  • Frantz LB-1 Magnetic Barrier Laboratory Separator with low field control
  • Bartington MS2B Benchtop Magnetic Susceptibility Instrument

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