Comparative Collections

  • Large comparative faunal collection including over 200 provenienced skeletons of mammals, birds,
    reptiles, amphibians, and fish from North Carolina
  • Fully-Articulated and Mounted teaching skeletons of common small animals
  • North Carolina Rock and Mineral Teaching Collection including NCGS sample kits
  • 100-specimen “Standard” North American Rock Comparative Collection
  • 150-specimen “University Systematic” Mineral Collection
  • 50-specimen “Washington School” mineral and rock comparative collection
  • Luster, Streak, Tenacity, Cleavage, and Fracture Type Geology Collections
  • Extensive Sediment Type and Composition comparative collection
  • North Carolina Rhyolite Sample Collections from over 40 locations, anchored by the systematic L. Abbott
    Rhyolite Survey Assemblage (Abbott 1987)
  • Chert sample collections include the Rio Maior Azinheira Ridge Chert Reference Collection of over 200
    cherts from central Portugal

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