In accordance with our Curation of Archaeological Collections Policy, conservation practices in the Archaeology Laboratory are primarily remedial and preventative, with a commitment to non-toxic and minimal intervention.

  • Facilities and equipment for wet cleaning and drying of recovered objects
  • Mechanical cleaning instruments for dry and wet object surface work
  • Steamers and work vacuums
  • Nitrile, latex, and cotton examination gloves
  • Archaeological, geological, and paleontological probes and spatulas
  • Dessication Chamber
  • Chemical cleaning and oxidation barrier solutions
  • Reversible polymers and consolidants including Acryloid B-72 and Rhoplex B60A
  • Polyethylene, cotton, Tyvek, point-bonded polyester, and acid-free paper artifact/sample storage bags
  • Archival storage containers, boxes, labels, inks, and packing materials

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