Artifact Analysis

  • Nikon SMZ800 Stereoscopic Microscope for low- and medium-power reflective light examination
  • Lumenera Infinity Digitial Imaging system for high resolution microphotography
  • High-precision digital electronic balances
  • Digital and Vernier measuring calipers
  • Laptop RS232 and USB connectors for integrated digital calipers and balances
  • Mohs Hardness Scale Pick Sets
  • Specific Gravity apparatus
  • Electric High-Pressure Water Jet Device
  • Munsell Color Charts including soil, rock, mineral, and color series
  • Dual Wavelength UV Examination Lamp and Safety Equipment
  • Handheld Color Photospectometer
  • Hand and Table Magnifiers, Low Power Binocular Examination Microscopes, and Hastings Triplet Hand-lenses
  • Extensive library of artifact identification manuals and keys to comparative collections

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